Our mission has always been four fold.  The first part is to gather friends and family together to enjoy fun, food and fellowship with one another.  Second is to increase the awareness of the charities the Viviano Variety Show has supported.  Third is to raise dollars so these agencies can continue their charitable work.  Perhaps most importantly, the last purpose is to motivate everyone in the theatre to reach out and do something to help others - all in the name of Jesus Christ.  So sit back and savor all of the camaraderie and wholesome entertainment.  God is truly bringing together His people to share His love, friendship and charity.  Hopefully, after experiencing this event, you will be inspired to continue to give of your time, talent and treasures to others. 


God bless you.

Jerry Viviano

Founder of the Viviano Variety Show




What started out as a Christmas party in a north Johnson County duplex has now become one of the most popular annual events in Kansas City.  To those who might be interested in coming to the show for the first time, we warmly welcome you.  To those who have attended multiple times, we truly appreciate all of your dedication to help those in need in our community.  We are grateful to the hundreds of performers, volunteers, ushers, servers, kitchen workers, set up and clean up crew, and all those who have given of their time to make this event possible year after year.​  Team work really makes a dream work.  The Viviano Variety Show in it's 35 years, has raised over 2 MILLION dollars for Kansas City charities.  The Viviano brothers never imagined that a small gathering of fun centered around giving back would grow into an annual tradition for so many giving, loving people in our community.